Heated Stadium Seat

Fall and winter sports bring big games, great rivalries, momentous excitement and – unfortunately – the possibility of substantial cold temperatures cutting into the enjoyment of cheering on a favorite team.

Few things can dampen team spirits more than sitting on cold bleachers, no matter how hot the action gets on the field. A blanket or a towel just won’t cut the chill when the temperatures drop, and after jumping up a few times to cheer, any built-up heat gets lost. And there’s only so far that hot thermos of coffee or cocoa can go. The bottom line is, when it’s cold outside, everyone wants a warm seat to stay toasty and comfortable in the stands while cheering for the home team.

THAW has just the answer with their Heated Stadium Seat. Perfect for any season, the rechargeable THAW Heated Stadium Seat features multiple heating modes, ranging from a high setting lasting seven hours to a low setting that lasts 16 hours. It’s USB rechargeable, is made from tough nylon that can withstand wear and tear, and it has heat-retaining insulation, so the warmth doesn’t fade away.