Ryan Companies Commences Work on Nashville-Area Prep School

By Eric Althoff

MURFREESBORO, Tenn.—Commercial real estate firm Ryan Companies is now underway on a 56,000-square-foot school charter located in the Nashville suburb of Murfreesboro.The Rutherford Collegiate Prep (RCP) school will be the largest in the region to offer curriculum from Noble Education Initiative (NEI), a nonprofit that manages other schools in the region.When completed, RCP will serve nearly 500 students in grades K-5.

RCP is designed by LAI Design Associates, LLC, with Ryan Companies serving as general contractor.The charter school will incorporate a teaching approach that emphasizes collaboration in larger, more flexible classrooms.Different grades will receive simultaneous education in conjoined classrooms that offer flexible areas for group learning.

“We are proud to embark on our third charter school project in the Nashville community in partnership with NEI,” Max Bosso, vice president of real estate development at Ryan Companies, said of the work at RCP.“As one of the top builders of charter schools in the Southeast, Ryan looks forward to applying our expertise to deliver a next-generation educational environment that enables teachers to instruct effectively and students to learn without constraints.”

Ryan Companies has built 203,000 square feet of charter school space already in 2023 and is on track to complete 362,000 square feet of additional educational space in the year to come. Their model delivers schools in only 10 months versus the industry standard of a full year. This saves projects hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Ryan Companies will boast 81 charter schools to its portfolio by the end of this year, representing over 2.8 million square feet of educational space throughout the Southeast.