Reduce Your Electric Bill

Welcome to PowerDown

PowerDown is an electricity auditing and installation service that helps homeowners throughout Northern California reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint using inexpensive smart tools and the latest technologies.

If your electric bills average over $150 a month throughout the year, PowerDown can help you cut your electricity consumption and waste less energy. 

How? We start with an audit of how you and your family are consuming electricity now.  We begin by examining background or phantom power usage, investigate what appliances and devices you have in your house that consume large amounts of electricity, install some temporary energy monitoring and management devices, and make concrete recommendations about how to lower your electric bill from that point forward. The recommendations come as part of the detailed report we email to you shortly after the audit.  The report specifies where power is being wasted in your house and includes personalized recommendations about how to cut excess usage in your home.  PowerDown has helped clients reduce their monthly electric bills between 13% and 35% over the previous year's figures.